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    FS..gene gowns: lovely in lace and coral kiss...both for $38 and free shipping Archived Message

    Posted by Poughkeepsie54 on November 8, 2021, 8:05 am

    FS. Coral kiss gown and shawl, lovely in lace gown and cape...both as a set for $38 and free shipping

    Gene doll ( nude) Tellstar ... $50 and free shipping

    Sybarite doll (nude) Fan fares d'amour.... $199 and $20 shipping

    Bald,nude sybarite doll (?name?) ... $149 and $12 shipping

    Coral kiss nude (straight limbed) doll with jeweled earrings and barettes..... $46 and free shipping

    Email me at for pics

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