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    Posted by Izzy on February 20, 2021, 3:50 am

    Firstly I want to apologise to anyone else who knows much more about this subject than I do and hope they will join in with info and secondly I don't want to give the impression I think I have any particular photographic skills...but I thought I would give my experiences after having seen the amazing work that Tom showed below.

    Whilst I'm not a skilled photographer, I have always been interested in scrapbooking and with the arrival of photobooks found I loved the way it was possible to give several friends identical gifts which would have been a mountain of work in the paper scrapbook album days.

    Most companies offer a considerable discount on multiple copies of the same book ordered together.

    Many also allow you to confirm that it is OK for other people to view and purchase your book, either a nominated group for whom you provide a link or just available to anyone. Although you then miss out on the quantity discounts it does save one person having to collect payment from a group of people. I did it this way when I got a group of collectors to all send their pics and messages for a doll luncheon....the original book was presented as a gift and the attendees ordered their own copy if they wished.

    It is obviously worth considering the location of the company as books are heavy to ship! Having said that I have regularly used Shutterfly in the USA because they have such a wide range of embellishments and colours which were ideal for some of my projects. Again initial prices look terrifying but there are regular huge discounts and often free USA shipping. However I was drawn to the company Milk that Tom used because of the more archival quality of their papers and quality of binding, plus the very sleek cover appearances. I think how you lay out the book has so many options whichever company you use.

    I am sure there must be lots of other USA companies too, I have used several in the UK.

    One of the projects I do regularly (obviously not currently with restrictions) is that a group of my friends all go on a fan holiday each year for our favourite singer. Everyone in the group sends me their pics and I put them all together in one book that I get printed with a copy for us all. This is obviously done in a "fun" rather than elegant style but you can choose the designs and layouts yourself.

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