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    SSP Update on TWMA and other orders >>> Archived Message

    Posted by Sandra in KY on February 18, 2021, 4:52 pm

    Hi guys!
    Hurrah! It's a new day so we can try this update again!
    Please forgive the long post, but there is a lot of information to cover....

    Thanks to everyone for your phenomenal response to the TWMA collection! Debuting a new collection online with advance notice and a set time was a new experience for SSP, and I SO appreciate your enthusiasm for the reveal and patience with the process!

    To explain a bit of how the process worked...

    Taken in order of being received, each request was responded to with an XX00 or THANKS confirmation. If an order request needed clarification or additional comments, the confirmation emails were more in depth.

    There was a time lapse between receiving the order, entering it and sending confirmation, but all orders -- including any by phone -- were logged in order of time stamp.

    Once "in stock" fashions were sold out, the classification was changed to "preorder" if fabric was available.
    In most cases, preorder notifications were given in the initial order response, but a few required follow up emails.

    I am rechecking sent emails against orders to be sure none were missed and am continuing to send emails.

    If you did not receive a confirmation or have a question about the status of your order, please email or phone me at 502 377-5153. I'm always happy to take a phone call!

    In stock, ready to ship fashions are:
    Charm and Grace (pink) PARTIAL
    Grace and Charm (green)
    Charm Stoles
    Coquette -- both variations
    Knightsbridge Nitecap
    Love A Little
    Lovers Lane
    Saville Row
    Sealed With A Kiss
    VVita Bella

    In Stock fashions waiting for accessories :
    Charm and Grace (partial)
    Forever Yours
    Live A Little
    On The Dot

    I am currently snowed in, but hope to begin shipping next week. I ask for your patience with this, as I will be shipping by myself (sure miss my wonderful helpers here!

    If you have a definite preference of shipping in stock fashions now or waiting to ship till items waiting for accessories are completed, please email asap with SHIP TWMA or TWMA HOLD FOR SHIPPING in the subject line and include your shipping address and phone number. (I do not have a definite time frame for accessories to be delivered, but expect it to be 2-3 weeks due to weather delays).

    Initial Preorder items are:
    Chelsea Cocktails
    High Society,
    Till We Meet Again

    Sold out "in stock" fashions now on preorder :
    Charm and Grace (pink) PARTIAL
    Grace and Charm (green)
    Knightsbridge Nitecap
    Love A Little
    Saville Row

    Availability of other "in stock" fashions is extremely limited, so if you are interested in adding any fashions or getting on preorder lists, it's not too late -- but please do so asap!

    As always, I will do my best to fill all preorders but please understand this will depend on the amount of fabric available and actual quantities ordered.

    "Sold out" Sealed With A Kiss and Vita Bella have not been designated "reorders" due to minimum quantities required, but I do have fabric, so there is that possibility if more orders are received!

    Non TWMA orders --
    I am delighted to report that I've been informed by the factory that First Bloom revisited orders and the delayed It's Magic from Royal Engagement have been shipped! (THANKS for your patience on this!!)

    I do not have a delivery date -- and it will take time to do QC checks and package accessories once they arrive -- but if you want me to hold your TWMA orders to ship with these, please send an email asap with HOLD FOR FIRST BLOOM or IT"S MAGIC in the subject line. Please also include your shipping address and phone number.

    I have no news on other "revisted" orders but expect them to arrive in March, and will send updates as they come available.

    Revisited fashions and other preorders are available for ordering as long as they are on the sales pages, subject to fabric availability.

    Paymenrt -
    Invoices for payment will not be sent for most orders, so please make note of pricing from the sales page. Shipping costs can be estimated or sent separately after package is received. If you have any questions about your order or shipping costs, please contact me ,

    As always, payment is not due till fashions are ready for shipment. Money orders (preferred) and checks should be sent to:

    Sandra Stillwell
    173 N Main
    New Haven, Ky 40051

    If you prefer to pay by something other than money order or check, please contact me.

    I can be reached at or 502 377-5153, or What's App if you are international and want to talk!

    With heartfelt THANKS for your support,

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